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1st October 1970
[Mt. Shasta]

"Wow! There's the Buddha God Head floating on Mt. Shasta as if the mountain was its' neck and shoulders, entirely made of light! Wait a minute, that's not the 'Great Spirit' i came to see! There are pulsing streaming strands of light flowing between Mt. Shasta and many nearby mountain tops! They also flow to each of the heavenly bodies! There's a whole matrix of flowing light inside of everything! Everything is interconnected and alive with light! This is fantastic! Now so many things make sense! The Moon and the clouds and the stars are so alive! This is absolutely amazing! So this is what spirit is! Oh yes, yes, yes!"

I started jumping up and down, shouting: "This is fantastic!"

My mind was racing... my heart was pounding... i was as happy and excited as I'd ever been in my life. Things began to become obvious to me which had previously been veiled! Of course! Now that i see the light streaming between Mt. Shasta and that other nearby mountain top, i see the polarity of energy flow between them, and now i understand why there is absolutely no snow on the other mountain while Mt. Shasta is covered with snow all the time! The streaming light affects the weather! Now astrology makes sense with the streaming light flowing between other planets and stars and earth!

"Wow! This is amazing! Everything is alive with the pulsing light! The mountains, the rocks, the stars, the trees, the animals, everything is interconnected and filled with the flowing pulsing streams of light! i can see spirit! This is so amazing!"

So this is what so many had tried to describe in all the books I'd read! Wow! Babble... Mumble...

"Yes!, i love this!"

As the shock of revelation began to wear off, as i grew tired of jumping up and down, i crawled back into my sleeping bag to get warm again, and just lay there with my eyes more wide open than they'd ever been. i watched the flowing of the light, the whole etheric matrix alive, breathing, pulsing, flowing, laid bare before my eyes, and i was happily stunned in awe of the presence of God, of Spirit. And then it hit me, like a mental ton of bricks... "Oh... the reason i see God as Buddha is because of all my past lives as a Buddhist!"

Here i was on a Shamanic vision quest seeking the Native American 'Great Spirit' and what i had discovered was not what i had imagined i would find, but the very Buddha God Head sticking out of a mountain top, like the mountain was its' head and shoulders, and the whole planet was its' body! The flow of the light made it so obvious what i had never seen before, that Everything was alive with spirit, and that everything is interconnected and of one nature because of the presence of that spirit in it, alive because of the flow of spirit-light within it! The 'face of God' i saw, Buddha, was as personified, as anthropomorphosized as i could make the unknowable infinite into something i could grasp with my consciousness.

I did not sleep that night. The full moon lit the world in a whole new light as i simultaneously saw both the physical world and the spiritual world. i deeply breathed in the light and felt alive for the first time in this body. My emotions were overwhelmed with a sense of joy and passion and excitement and peace all at the same time. My mind was doing gymnastics trying to grasp it all. i had to completely remodel my mental model of reality, of life, myself, the universe. As my eyes stared in wide eyed wonder and awe, transfixed by the glorious vision i saw surrounding me, i was reborn, because the old me could not contain the numinous wonder of the truth of spirit.

By the time the sun rose in a glorious display of rays of light piercing the clouds and sky, painting the world back into the colors of physicality, i was exhausted. And yet with a new energy i had never known before, a new reality had settled within me, and my mind translated it into: "I must share this with the world. i must never forget this". And so it was, to obtain a physical totem of this, to keep as a constant reminder of my new commitment to share my vision with the world, that i hiked back up the Mountain to where the morning before, our group had gone to plant our individually prepared 'Prayer Arrows', and contrary to the directions of the Huichal Shaman who guided our group, and breaking with the tradition he taught us, i asked Mt. Shasta if i could take back my 'Prayer Arrow' to remind me to share this with the world.

The day before it had seemed silly to plant a 'Prayer Arrow' in the ground asking the Mountain for a Vision. Now, as i retrieved it, i held it in my hands with an awe and reverence i had never known before in this life. i hiked back down the mountain, enjoying the dawning day, and returned to the base camp with my 'Prayer Arrow', having completed my last of 5 nights on the mountain, the night of individual vision quest, and informed a rather surprised and shocked Brant Secunda that Mt. Shasta had given me permission to take back my 'Prayer Arrow' as a reminder to share my vision with the world.

When the others had returned and we'd all had a chance to sip some tea and warm up around the fire, we again did drum ceremony and then passed the 'Talking Stick' around and shared our experiences, which ranged from "not much happened" to deep private revelation, to cosmic revelation. i shared my vision and my newfound commitment, my new purpose in life, to share my vision of spirit, to awaken the world as i had been awakened. After breakfast, we broke camp and hiked back down the mountain to the trail head where we'd all parked, and as we walked in silence, i reflected upon the 5 days we'd been on the mountain.

We'd done the 'Dance of the Deer' around the fire, and heard the stories Brant had told of his experiences learning to be a Shaman by living with the Houichals in northern Mexico. We learned of their intertwined meanings, symbolism, and lifestyle, where the essence of spirit, the heart of the deer, and the hunt for the deer, were are the same as their hunt for the peyote buttons that enabled them to vision quest. We had danced around the fire, chanted and rattled with the beating of the drum, and gazed into the dancing flames of the fire, all to gateway us into the altered state of consciousness where we might experience spirit, the essence of our hearts, the love of 'Great Spirit' as we honored and connected with all our relations, all the 2-legged, 4-legged, 6-legged, and 8-legged, the rock people, and all the plants.

By the end of the day's drive back to the San Francisco Bay Area i just wanted to sleep. The following day, when i went back to my computer programming job at Silicon Valley's premiere start-up computer company where i was part of the team building the latest generation of computer networking workstations upon which was built the Internet of 1985, i asked myself: "What am i doing in this soulless box, (the office building), working on all these little soulless boxes, (the computers)?"

Within a half year from my vision quest i had gone on sabbatical and entered spiritual retreat. i began a 6-year apprenticeship under the Bay Area's leading Clairvoyant Psychic, and was not particularly happy that i still had to spend time in my left brain doing computer programming to pay my bills while i took my Clairvoyance classes and learned how to teach professional Clairvoyant Healers. By the end of 1991 when i was my teacher's teaching-assistant and substitute-teacher for her clairvoyant training program, and i realized i was teaching 3 out of 4 of her classes, i finally realized i was ready to strike-out on my own and go full time as a clairvoyant psychic reader, healer, teacher, and minister.

These days i make a joke of my life journey from the Pleiadian power-point of Mt. Shasta to the other planetary power-point of Pleiadian energies, Kaua'i: "I used to program computers, now i de-program people". The atheist computer wizard had become a non-denominational minister whose life is focused on sharing her vision of spirit with the world. My vision quest changed my life... completely!

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