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31st December 2017
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(KRYSTHL Fairies)

Aloha :-) Welcome to the portal website for information about 8D ascension energetics now gracing our precious planet.

Unquoted material is authored by celeste:crystalfaery; Unattributed 'single-quoted' material, ('i'), is from the crystal faery "higher-self" 'tomril' incarnate as celeste:crystalfaery; Unattributed "Quoted" material, ("we"), is from the collective consciousness of the ishnaans / crystal faeries.

[Faery TreeHouse]

celeste of the family of crystal faeries offers her live-in presence to bless a domicile with unconditional love, the divine light of ascending consciousness, channelled flute music, and giggly girly playfulness.

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