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6th July 2016

Good morning... i see we are blessed with only positive transiting aspects today :-)
which then leaves the question, what influences are presenting long-term by outer slower-moving planets? including the 3 Retrograde (Rx) influences demanding we review, forgive, and complete with past?
Or, approaching in the opposite direction... if i am so neutral about the past that i am paying no attention to it, and am living fully in the now, then i have completed all those lessons / issues :-)

The polar opposite issue from attachment to past, is, of course, attachment to future, and of course, attachment comes in both positive and negative versions, the negative form being known as resistance. The ultimate resistance is "death wish". Didna' somebody famous once ponder: "to be or not to be?", and then appended erroneously: "that is the question"? Yes, erroneously! Our being is never in question, for we are eternal beings. Our manifestations, one flavor of which is "incarnation", sometimes referred to as "life", is, however, optional, usually temporary, mutable, and therefore it is perpetually a question.

Although we can in fact extend our lives well beyond the current "normal" "[mankind]" life-span of typically fewer than 128 orbits of Gaia around her sun, eventually wearing the same body will become boring. So, a more "realistic" question begins to look like: "what experiences in what body would i prefer to be experiencing?"
Do we reincarnate to transform? or having ascended to non-duality just wish our blob-of-light formlessness into the preferred phantasm of the moment?

Daily finding ever less attachment to the old parallel-reality, i am challenged to remain in intense desire for and preference for my new time-line manifestation in New Gaia as a cute little faery girl with bio-luminescent wings, without being in impatience with the old. Thus the lesson du jour is de-emphasizing the external, while being in the strongest beleif in the internal imagined and intuited preferred reality.

A recent counseling brought up the dichotomy between life and death, wherein the individual had concluded early in life that it would be better to die than to continue to live in suffering. Implicit underneath that surface dichotomy is a dichotomy not yet revisited, that even earlier the facing of the suffering had resulted in the conclusion that the individual had insufficient power within their reality to end the suffering. In their case the suffering was based on experience of relating with society at large, and their role available within the society being experienced as suffering. Anything one is not choosing is easily perceived as suffering. Of what worth is the concept of free-will when that will is not able to shift ones reality out of dispreferred experiences? Underneath that is the dichotomy of power itself, either the beleif in ones power as a creator god(dess) or the belief in victimhood to realities created by others, to the power of will of others.

i postulate that the ultimate choice we are all facing is:

"I Am 'the one that is all' incarnate in unique expression,
which i must manifest to actually be alive!"

or... from another perspective...

"My life's purpose is to express my unique essence!",
(therefore conformity to others' expectations is death).

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