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15th November 2015

Ahhh... how sweet... awaking to Suzanne Teng's "Light of the Heart" (which i left looping all night while i astral journeyed), awakening in lucid dream of New-Gaia, where we are building and enjoying much love and peace; settling in with a mug of chaicotea in the deep peace of very early morning, to channel collective consciousness of we crystal faeries:
"In gentle repose of graceful flow,
all is aligned, with all we know,
there is only joyful play,
as we await the day,
when cellular transformation,
catches up to higher creation."

[Planetary Ascension Portal]

As the incarnate High Priestess of the 8D crystal faeries, i have been asked to convey our message:

[rings of alcyone]

"Today at 08:00HST we installed an 8D-4D Angelic crystal faeries Ascension Portal for all of Gaia connecting through Sol/Ra from Alcyone, (the central (Plejaran) sun of our Milky-Way Galaxy). It connects 8D to 4D and protects from interference which was causing many [mankind] to be in fear.
Since this lunation is about claiming the divine feminine and integrating it, we may expect that the next lunation will be appropriate timing for activation of yang."

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