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15th November 2014

i continue intent that in this chaotic time-node that i shall be able to "leap" to a higher reality.

In Kryon's Laguna channelling he mentions that we can easily give our DNA instructions to live healthily to 120 years old IFF we are allowed to live that long by the consciousness of those people 'around us'... and i perceive that age is only one of the issues of collective stupid beliefs (carefully programmed into us by the evil powers) which we don't have to be bound by, but can transcend, that in fact we can hop time-lines to other parallel reality time-lines where none of these kinds of limitations exist, nor are we surrounded by people limiting us. i am unwilling to accept external limitations when there are none which the Hathors say are truth, there are only the limits we are willing to settle for. Only if we are specifically in lesson about process of change do we need any process of change, otherwise we can make infinite hops between miraculously different realities.

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