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15th November 2014

We are enjoying a relative period of rest and calm amongst the generalized chaos of convergent time-nodes. Our focus remains upon cocreated high vibration community.

Lessons during travel sourced in observing others' need to be "right" or "righteous" in their religious views. We simply suggested love, (aloha). A query as to the "work" i do, resulted in attempting to cover every kind of spiritual energy work under the sun, but amongst it all, the querant "perked-up" at the mention of exorcisms. Having left a "business card" i subsequently received a phone call, inquiring further thereupon. Interest was quite intent, until i mentioned that, it went beyond merely removing a possessing entity, for always there is something to be healed in the possessed, otherwise their unchanged state will simply allow another possessing entity. Therein ended the curiosity, for, self responsibility versus blame game, was not the goal of the querant. This i find usually to be correlated, in that one who is not self-responsible for their own problems, will likewise not be self-responsible for their own saviourship. Nowhere is this stronger than in the exoteric "Christian" churches, or in those whose relationship with "spirit" is entirely based in their own mind through their own reading of words in a book, rather than based in their own direct experience of spirit itself. Any teaching which puts a dogma ahead of developing one's own direct experience of spirit, is not ultimately of truth.
Who, me?
Well, yes, i do have past lives in the Essenes and Gnostics and as Ruth, as well as participating in Atlantis, and Lemuria, to where I've finally come home on Kaua'i.

The extant world this evening demonstrated chaotic energies of time-node convergence, with winds and rain, which then "fizzled-out". My crystal faeries family guided me to pass through only minor faery "sprinkles", as storm clouds "brewed", and i settled into my peaceful self-generated energy field, while noticing that "the neighbors" are anything but peaceful. This is expected to escalate globally as our time-nodes progress on Gaia.

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