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28th October 2014

i have been operating in the intent and knowing of being integrated between higher and lower 'self', thus i query is that correct, or is there any error of illusion or denial? i find the ego to wander off into doubt, fear, or worry at times, which is a sign it is attempting to become responsible for manifestation, which is an echo of the previous habit of viewing from a perspective of separation, and from that position it distrusts, seeking 'guidance', fearing abandonment without commentary, when in reality patience in faith is all that is required, while knowing unity is truth. Likewise the unified 'self' seeks validation from the family collective, a form of 'group guidance', reassurance of not being in error. Because 'planetary ascension' is a new reality, the collective is more witness and cocreators, than they can operate as leaders or guides. A small amount of questioning "am i on track?" may be approriate, but the major energy needs to be that of faith, trust, certainty, and that of unhesitant creator. The major 'lesson' is that of patience and persistence rather than doubt, releasing attachment to confirmation from the mirror world of manifestation. This has already been accurately perceived to be an old habit, of 'seeing' the external mirror as 'real' rather than simply as delayed reflection, wherein delay is perceived as error due to lack of trust in the process of manifestation. In summary, 'no news is good news', relax into joyful creatorship, be patient with delays in manifestation, and know you are 'on track', as long as you are in the now in joy. You see correlation with the 5th phase of 'persevere' mentioned by the Hathors in the hopping time-lines process.

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