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10th October 2014

i call upon my crystal faeries family to share our perspective of reality within our Kaua'i ascension portal. Our transcendent reality continues to be quite stable, as the Gaia collective reality is itself quite stable. There is activity to manifest such on Kaua'i within our Kaua'i portal, just as entities elsewhere within our network of 8D ascension portals proceed to focus on their local manifestations of New-Gaia, and continued communication and teleports via our portal network. Primarily we observe progressive alignment and harmonization of various groups to agreement in and about the New-Gaia reality, though our focus remains consistently upon our forming Kilauea community, which is yet young and pliable as we facilitate congruence for manifestation.

i suppose in the olden days of yesteryear, it was more evidenced with books and magazines, but these days it is amazing to see how in public, [mankind] do not connect with each other, as everyone is involved in their smartphones, while ignoring all the [mankind] around them. Tourists also are their own little islands, usually couples, sometimes atomic families. Yet, occasionally, rarely, we meet an outstanding example of someone who is alive and present with an open heart. Through it all now, is a new theme, the great divide, of frequency, between the 4D- Ea-Rth and the 5D+ New-Gaia. The consciousness and vibrational ranges continue to diverge, leaving me very often giggling at the seriousness with which the 4D- engagement in polarity of dichotomy can be so intense, so gut wrenching, while my joy is more gentle, subtle, refined, delicate, playful, much as the flutter of faery wings, much as my heart feels peaceful in Kilauea. Blessed be.

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