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30th September 2014

As i today walked Kuawa Road hoping to see a "For Rent" sign out by the road for the apartment i found via CraigsList that seemed appropriate for me, i found that Common Ground has closed their Cafe operation, and here i was hoping to frequent them often upon completing moving to Kilauea.

The divine plan must have a miracle about to manifest, as I'm out of month here, and still without my Kilauea apartment, though i can clearly feel it in 5D+ and know with absolute certainty that Kilauea is my appropriate place to be in the universe.

It is interesting to watch my friends project onto my situation their own dualities, fears, expectations, etc. about manifesting my domicil. i know they are offering their love and their best considered advice on how to attain some housing, within the 4D- time-lines. i have not yet found a Kaua'ian who shares with me the focus on time-line jumping to a parallel_reality. Then i remember the concept of "being one in a million", and the fact that the population of the Hawaiian isles is just over a million.

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