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23rd September 2014

Hello World!

For any of us of the world of computers, the above is the classic first baby step. This morning, between equinox and new moon, i celebrate the launch of my new domain name: Since it is served by my own computers, and since I'm about to move, it will soon go offline before returning. On the tiny island of Kaua'i, population 56K, finding a local provider has been a challenge.

A subject triggered by e-mail discussion:
The Buddhists stress "dying correctly" so as not to get stuck in a Bardo.
The movie What Dreams May Come shows the wife becoming lost in her own self created hell realm until her husband risks becoming lost himself in order to find and rescue her.
There was a fake version of ascension initiated by the controllers / puppetmasters who had created a 4D "holodeck recreation of 6D ascension" in order to trap those gullible who intended to ascend into a realm still under the definition and control of the NWO overlords, thus much of the New Age hype re: 2012-12-21 and ascension was lies, which i was unable to "fight" or fully "expose", and therefor, cocreated the 8D Angelic crystal faeries Ascension Portals to link 8D ascended truth down to 4D for those intending ascension. That was the genesis of my new focus, now:

Re: your question about how to escape (a bardo), one first has to attain consciousness that there is the possibility of alternate realities. From my earliest and most basic training:

  1. Beleif and Belief Creates Reality
  2. You have the power to change your beliefs.

Therefore, combining them, "You have the power to change your reality".

"The unexamined life is not worth living."
-- Socrates, in Plato, Dialogues, Apology
Greek philosopher in Athens (469 BC - 399 BC)

Kilauea today was as it is each return to it, soul nourishing, as the land vibrations are so harmonious for me.

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