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22nd September 2014

Much energy is stirred with the equinox. Much energy is triggered completing the old moon. Much energy to process...

Synchronicity flowed wonderfully today in picking up my new cards and returning to my beloved Kilauea, before venturing out to continue boxing what shall pass from old to new time-lines. i continue to notice and be notified by others of curious energy reversals in duality, for those who haven't figured out how else to deal with my vacating duality to live in transcendent energetics. By reversals, i am referring to the "go away closer / come here farther" dynamics of the engulfment-abandonment syndrome people play in 4D- dichotomy. Those who had some level of connection, but kept pushing me away to prevent effective communication, now sense my energies leaving Kapa'a and all of a sudden "wish to connect", or so they are said to be saying (yay hearsay), while not actually contacting me :-)
i can only giggle and proceed on with my 5D+ time-line of ascension, living the consciousness of oneness and wholeness, with plenty of appropriate synergistic synchroncities, rather than to dabble in the game of relationship within separation of 4D-. For those of us surfing the 1st wave of ascension, being willing to release all of 4D- dualities, dichotomies, and any of our attachments or aversions thereunto is essential, to reach neutral detachment on the way to transcending all dualities. Any given dichotomy may be the trigger or issue du jour, but all have to be released, so any one is practice for the others :-)

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