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20th September 2014

i pray i am moved to my new Kilauea abode between the Equinox on the 22nd and the New Moon on the 24th, though i am aware that many landlords operate not on the calendar of life and spirit, but upon the Gregorian calendar, thus not making apartments available until the 1st of October.

Today offered the annual Kapa'a community gathering at a local "health food" store, an early harvest day still in the heat of Kaua'ian summer, an opportunity to connect with many locals, though many were unconnectable... eye contact of less than 2 seconds does not constitute openness for connection. It was wonderful to connect with those who were open. Many vendors lined the sidewalk marketing their wares, offering samples. The health food store was dishing out free lunch, their mahalo to their patrons and matrons. What started gently, quietly, and comfortably, abruptly transitioned into Tahitian drumming, and after that into guitar and vocals, electronically amplified, and so as the "entertainment" cranked up, the possibility of communication with come-unity wound down. The support of come-unity life at this shopping center was destroyed over recent months as the waterfall, koi ponds, grassy gathering space, and community accessible tables were all bulldozed to be replaced with "let's raise the heat capture coefficient of the 'globally warming' planet by covering all this previously green living space with dead petrochemical assfault asphalt", so that more cars can park here. giggles Faery girl blushes. Sadly, this is just the latest example of the downtrend for dualistic Kapa'a I've observed over the past decade and a half. Meanwhile, i anchor into my new time-line in New Gaia.

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