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12th September 2014

Energy activations and clearing continue, and dualistic worldly life seems more distant than ever as consciousness ascends. i am becoming quite adept at dismissing myself as a silly faery when those attached to their 4D- contrast dramas are unable to manipulate me to buy into their "seriousness" of "reality", thereby giving them an "easy out" from defending their manipulations. i still may notice being triggered, but quickly respond to my own contrast lessons, with quick deprogramming, and transcendent neutrality of love. The graceful synchronistic flow of 5D+ is simply too precious to sacrifice for long. Those who operate in transcendent consciousness share a delightful reality, and better yet, are wonderful cocreators. We find delight in the expanding membership in our community of beings connected via our 8D portal network. The 1st wave of ascension may seem simultaneously too rapidly intense with body reactions to higher frequencies, and yet seem frustratingly slow while clearly seeing the wonderful reality of 5D+ Gaia.

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