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9th September 2014

Today offered to me many triggers, options, percepts, realities, and even wisdom and guidance, and counsel from a beloved friend. Through it all is the paradoxical consciousness of both the transcendent above all dualities, and the ongoing awareness of learning by contrast within duality, offering awareness of energies which are either unpreferred, or preferred. While consciousness may be arriving in 5D+, the entirety of [mankind] embodiment remains in 4D- duality. Naturally, as always, synergistically and synchronistically, exactly the most useful triggers have arrived regarding contrast of preference, about the vehicle of travel within the realms of manifestation. i find myself ready to get off of the Kaua'i Bus, and that the extant so called "civilization" is still supporting corruption and enslavement to the extent that a sovereign living being remains denied their un-a-lien-able right to travel upon the roadway in a modern carrier. As a lightworker who has completed my mission of service to [mankind] in assisting the ascension of all, and now finally free to choose to actually have a life whose purpose is my own celebration of joy of living as divinity embodied... I'm ready to get off the bus, as my new time-line calls me to a new reality:

Transcending the 4D- to focus on no-time no-space unity cocreation in positive synergy, i continue to hold space for, intent for, and the focal point for, new Gaia, where i can flow in divine expression with my flute.

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