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8th September 2014

As the 1st wave of ascension proceeds to anchor a significant percentage of the Gaia-n [mankind] population into transcendent consciousness, then many are awakening to their divinity, their past-lives elsewhere than Ter-Ra, the presence of other "species" visiting Ter-Ra, and the existence of advanced hyper-dimensional technologies, including anti-gravity and free-energy. It no longer matters how much fraud is committed by the corporate "media", our inner knowing of truth transcends the 4D- consciousness limitations of the Matrix.

The full moon has activated much growth, healing, and clearing for many. As i watch the lessons play out, i am grateful to transcend the duality, aware of its presence and others polarization within it, but not taking it seriously. Far more interesting are the gateway activations of higher energies, our divine blessings for ascension arriving frequently. We clear the space in higher realms. To be continued on the astral planes...

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