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5th September 2014

Wow. i have emerged from an amazing lucid dream. i was exploring a very very large communal domicil. Given that i am intending to participate in the founding of a transcendent consciousness intentional community, this is no big surprise. My vision has been a shared spaced combined with individual domicils, (in my case, a preference for a transparent geodesic dome), but in the dream it was more a traditional "mansion". In many ways it was all very nice, but it was still traditional box construction, which is not in harmony with highest consciousness, (all right angles from all the boxes appended to each other), or organic energy flows (feng shui). We need more curves of feminine geometry to be healthy, not the traditional cubic masculine geometry. The space was mostly empty as i toured, and i noticed many ceiling fans left running, a waste of energy. This is a relevant subject, as i am intending to introduce free energy technologies, which are not an excuse for unconsciousness or waste.

My visit to Kilauea today felt good, was basically practical, and flowed gently.

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