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25th August 2014

As Gaia moves vibrationally further above the old Gaia vibrational level, we are seeing great shifts in social structure, as the realities become obviously more distinct, and share less as "collective reality". Many beings are experiencing challenges in their bodies as these accomodate quantum leaps, and experience triggering and release of old patterns. The social relationship patterns of Ter-Ra, based in lower chakras, or in needs fulfillment for which the being is unwilling to be self responsible, or which are based in prioritization of the individual will over the good of all, are increasingly at odds with the reality, cocreation, and relating of 5D+ new-Gaia. While the transcendent may still radiate love, and have compassion for those still struggling with lower issues, the mutually exclusive realities of (non)duality prevent effective cocreation (positive synergy) between them. We are called to focus upon the manifestation of the new-Gaia already created in higher realms, which is a manifestation of the divine plan and the higher energy patterns of each participant.

With the new lunation there was a blessed release of old energies and time-lines and the perfection thereof. New creations are beginning to flow into synergy.

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