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21st August 2014

Today i am inspired to call upon the Hathors for inspiration and guidance to better channel their energies and sound frequencies via my flute playing. -- celeste:crystalfaery

'I AM opening to channel the Hathors working with Gaia.' -- tomril

"Whether they know us by name or not, we presently facilitate approximately 1/3 of sound healers on Gaia. Because you have requested our assistance to do so, we are present with you and guiding you now in all your relating with sounds, both with your flute playing, and in your perception of sound as you listen to other sources. You have already noticed this as a purification of your music library and a shift in your 'taste' for music. There is nothing more you need to do in this sense except to play your flute more, and to incorporate doing so into your creation of custom meditations with your flute music as a background. We recommend not only individual meditations for others, but that you also create generic ones for ascenders in general. Beyond that you may allow yourself to open up your toning and vocalizations in addition to expression via your flute." -- the Hathors

All energies are coming into alignment in support of translation to Kilauea. Even my blog here is largely converted to replace tags with tag articles. And search results are much cleaner without all the tags.

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