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20th August 2014

As i feel in my heart for the center of my joy, As i contemplate my most appropriate abode, i release contrasting inappropriateness. i prefer to live alone, so i release all energies of contrast regarding shared space. i focus upon my appropriate choice of light airy peaceful loving abundant independent sovereign energies. i generate this reality from inside me and so choose as my reality with which to fill my abode. Is there higher guidance related to any of this?

'The highest good does not require you to dwell in a living space of inappropriate contrast.'

Is my most appropriate community still to be Kilauea centric?

'Your unique path of highest good is so best served.'

May i know more of this before moving? What is my best approach to finding my new abode?

"The convergence of many factors is making your appropriate community of souls of conscious intent your priority now for highest good for yourself and for Kaua'i's 1st wave of ascension. Continue to network with the souls you feel to be in highest conscious intent."

In recent days i have noticed that some beings are focusing upon the issue of ETs and disclosure thereof, while those of us more dwelling in transcendent consciousness have awareness of integrating our multiple lives of our higher self into conscious awareness, and our awareness of our and others' star "origins", and the integration of the energies thereof into New-Gaia For myself, having been so busy with my daily channelling of my star family here, and having been aware of ET presence for decades, I'm glad to see people awakening, but am not much excited by recent revelations.

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