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18th August 2014

What is "play"? By contrast to "work", it is activity embraced joyfully in free-will choice, rather than activity experienced as unpleasant, or forced contrary to one's free will. As i am deep in the nitty-gritty details of massive website editing to redesign its functionality, for the joyous goal of delivering a better experience for readers, i am actually enjoying the creative drive, though there is much process to accomplish the goal. While i am mostly lost in the timeless flow, i nevertheless also observe a certain sense of urgency to complete, which i know to interpret as a level of non-acceptance of the now reality. This triggering is a wonderful opportunity to further clear "work" programming of the societal value of being a valuable slave by being "productive", and therefore i am allowing the release of historical 4D- "values" which are actually counterproductive in 5D+ reality. All effort (often driven by goalful thinking) interferes with energetic reality creation.

'"Play" may also be seen as an attitude of perception, a percept. The passionate flow of inspiration is truly the divine urge of expression.'

"This is a synchronistic time of manifesting with grounded process the higher intents of your lunar creation cycle."

It is interesting to observe the body response to constricted space as the environment changes. Adapting to the inevitable eternal changing reality is another form of surrender and flow.

This tired fae calls it a day, with yet a few broken links in my blog, to be continued tomorrow.

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