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14th August 2014

i am unclear in sorting options with new opportunities in Kilauea.

'You have only begun to discover options, so attempt no conclusions yet.'

"There is much of our cocreation which is still just forming, and our community shall evolve over time, so remember to be sans expectations, and remember everything changes."

Thanks to excellent mirroring with a dear friend, i have come to see that my next step is to release all rescuing of those who are in 4D-, or who are only talking ascension from 4D- to 5D+, but not actually committed to the choice of living 5D+. It was easy to confuse my now completed past mission of facilitating ascension, with playing the "saviour" role, which actually pulls me back down to 4D-. i am appreciative of the clarity of knowing my appropriate focus and mode of living.

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