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13th August 2014

i remain observant of mirroring to learn, and share my observations to facilitate others. The lesson in the mirror this morning is one of motivation. We often have multiple goals or motivations, amongst which there are both mental and soulful. One of those goals is "success". In the example i was awoken to facilitate, there is a long-standing contradiction between:

'In this case we see the dominant motivation to be subconsciously driven to serve the mental image of success, yet the outcome is stress and frustration as effortful actions do not result in heartful joy.'

"Heartful joy can only be present unopposed when one is living one's authentic life, the flow of the moment of one's own spiritual energy through the soul to express essence. This is always referential to inner essence, not to the reactions or responses of others. All attempts to change the reflection in the mirror (how others 'treat' one), are doomed. Success is the deep inner peace of relaxing into authenticity, followed by a motivation of spontaneous authentic energy flow from heart, intent to express essence, regardless there be any witness, or how a witness responds."

This faery is motivated to retreat from 'civilization' to the healthy countryside. My place is Kilauea, my path is of peace, my service is as the pied piper (flute player), leading souls inward to their authenticity. i love you all.

i enjoyed a wonderful day of exploration today, both learning about my new community of Kilauea, and about a very special faery friend. Joyous cocreation of blessed reality is so much fun!

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