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10th August 2014

Today brings conscious awareness of mixed agendae from some beings. In acceptance of what is, my discernment is to hold fast to my ethics, principles, purpose, focus, mission, and independence as a light worker.

'The clarity of your perception is mine also.'

"Persevere in your vision of a true community of private individuals."

As the evening approaches i have been aware of intense energies of opposition, for the full moon is astrologically equivalent to a Sun-Moon opposition, and therefore is triggering our polarity within duality of 4D- realms, which at this time (time is a 4D- phenomenon), is unresolvable except by transcending duality and time itself by raising consciousness to 5D+. Therefore, one may easily predict that this perigee moon shall produce both conflict, and transcendence, and our wisdom is to go for the transcendence.

Ahhh... what a wonderful full-moon gathering we had upon the side of the Wailua River. With a very gentle ritual of toning by voice and instruments, we were blessed by very calm weather, the lightest of clouds giving a silver lining around the moon's rising, followed by clear skies for the rest of our gathering. This was the final confirmation that we 5D+ lightworkers had completely neutralized the alleged pair of hurricanes the 4D- reality intended from outside our 8D-4D portal.

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