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9th August 2014

Kilauea 5D+ Community

Aloha ascending masters of the 1st wave of ascension. i am seeking and creating conscious community centered in Kilauea, between living beings operating privately, locally, via open source design, technology, and community of Ascended Consciousness.

Maker Space

We can come together in our own community, be sensitive to our own ecology, and create our own technology for free replication, to the benefit of all.

Open Source Sustainable Ecology

Marcin Jakubowski: Open-sourced blueprints for civilization (2011) is intended to produce on one DVD, the blueprints for open-source technology for a sustainable village... something affordable and workable with lower technology and fewer corpse-orations involved. So, if you're a farmer who can't afford a new John Deere tractor, build your own with open source plans. The goal is 50 different technological machines a village can build together to improve their life. Sounds to me like just right for an ahupua'a (for non Hawaiians, that means a local ecosystem, which, in the land of shield volcanoes, means a watershed (valley) from mountain peak to ocean and including the nearby ocean itself).

Open Source Seeds for your garden.

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