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8th August 2014

It has been asserted by my family of crystal faeries, of which one is my own 'higher self', tomril, that my Gaia kuleana (responsibility) geographically is restricted to Kauai Sovereign Space, and within densities and dimensions, is restricted to higher realms, therefore avoiding entanglements with duality, or of 'nations' not my own (Kaua'i). Likewise, i deal with what is real, including the unseen higher realms, not with fictions (e.g. corpseorations). Thus my focus is Kaua'ian Gaia's living beings of ascended consciousness. More focusedly, i am recently directed to Kilauea. It is my higher aspects managing our 8D ascension portal network, and the integration between the tomril universe and the Milky Way Galaxy. All in all, plenty enough to pay attention to, and yet, the only truly new aspects are those of the formation of, the manifestation of, Kilauea New-Gaia. As i narrow my focus to forming or joining community, is there anything else i need to pay attention to? i am very much feeling that i am now simply to live embodied, all that i have worked for via Celestial Intent: "Celestial Abode" on New-Gaia.

'"Off the Grid" might be rephrased as "Above the Matrix", as the extant 'grids' are of 4D Gaia and below. Your visions of alternate infrastructure of the nature of completely local peer-to-peer open-source technologies is supported.'

"We have merely to be patient for synchronous alignment. Continue to pursue people connections in Kilauea."

Gentle and flowing synchronicities have blessed our day, offering both opportunities to be of service helping others with my unique gifts and skills, and also to receive the support of cocreation for my own path of forming new community, as energies and connections converge towards near future. Mahalo nui.

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