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7th August 2014

All is calm both inside of 'me' and in my mirroring, the world around me. The air is humid and still, the astral energies are peaceful.

'Synergies of connection and cocreation with others await the day to arrive, so enjoy your early morning, your favorite time of knowing self and relating with the universe.'

"The galactic energies are in balance and calm for now, between activations."

Some people like to make special days for 'everyone' to join in meditation, with a shared focus, e.g. 'World Peace', however, if one does this in the mind, in 4D consciousness, then an equal amount of 'World War' is simultaneously created. It's not so important to get everyone to do this, as to get everyone who does do it, do it 'right' in 5D consciousness above duality. So then, we have to ask, are these 'so called' 'spiritual leaders' leading us in the right direction? No, they're just reinforcing people staying in 4D duality, i.e. they're blocking the first wave of Ascension. People need to look deeper than the surface, of any matter considered to apply ones will to, and how one applies ones will to it.

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