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6th August 2014

i awake tired, but happy, knowing that in astral realms i have cleared space in our 8D Ascension Portal for Kaua'i, for that is all that is required, just keep the portal active, and all appropriateness flows, as it brings to us inside it, our perfect 8D DNA Codon patterns, clean energy space, our higher truth of our higher selves, and affords each being, the opportunity to heave a sigh of relief and relax into their truth, their own unique higher self energy patterns cleanly and instantly accessible, as is easy access to collective akashic records of the larger divine plan. As long as the individual can 'tune-in' to their own 4D energies, that gets them access to their 8D higher truth, their own individual ascension guidance, plan, patterns, codes, and truth. It only takes a moment of engaging duality in 4D to be 'in' the collective illusion. It only takes a moment of engaging transcendence in neutrality above all duality, to be in 5D ascended consciousness, above all the collective craziness. So we can thank the silly fearmongers for triggering us to release all our fears, to remind us to turn within for truth and answers, and to find the power within us, as reality creators, as reality cocreators, to discern appropriateness and choose. The slightest reminder that what we focus upon we empower, should by now tell any conscious being to turn off their Tell-Lies-Vision, and stop choosing to be receivers of 'reality' as created by others, especially that offered by corpse-orations. Love transcends all.

Oh, what a cute little storm! Oh, are they steering you towards our island with HAARP Scalar Weather Modification technologies and LASER wielding satellites? Oh, I'm so sorry they're torturing you, here, let me guide you back to a healthy Gaia grid line path around our island. i love you.

Oh, what a cute little field of plants! Oh, are they torturing your DNA in the laboratory to turn you into a Frankenstienian Obamanation? Oh, I'm so sorry they've abused you so, here, let me bring down the original divine DNA templates of your species and heal you back to health. i love you.

'Love is the answer.
Are there any more questions?'

The sun arises and shines through an overcast and grey sky, as a very gentle rain falls to give our plants their morning watering, so they can absorb the abundance of life-giving water before the heat of the day evaporates it. Huricane? Giggles... welcome to Faeryland, where we crystal faeries direct the energies for the maximum positive benefit of all beings, especially our dearly beloved Garden Island's precious ecosystem.

i am reminded of a hitch-hike ride i caught a week or two ago, during a previous 'prediction of a hurricane', as my driver stated, and my response was that 'there would be no hurricane, because i talked to faeries'. She was momentarily 'taken aback' and then asked: 'do they talk back?' 'Yes', i replied, 'I channel the crystal faeries every morning.'

"We are delighted you are so enjoying playing with 5D reality, and guiding others out of their limited 'mindset' into expanded possibilities. Especially either 'blaming villains' or 'needing a saviour' are disempowered 4D illusions, which people will have to release to join us in our 5D Faeryland."

"With surrender to the synchronistic flow of the divine plan so little effort is required to enjoy a blessed life. Even the clear inappropriateness of corpse-oration take-over of what was designed as a fully individual-empowering peer-to-peer internet to turn it into censored and spying propaganda machine is merely the triggering you are being offered to choose if you wish to bother to create an alternative on Kaua'i. From all your queries to the community it should be obvious by now that nobody else will. Just remember you volunteered to lead, and cease looking for support or cocreation, as you already know the [mankind] pattern of resistance until they're about to miss something of benefit. Just keep leading where no one has gone before."

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