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1st August 2014

i awoke to shredding noises as the cat was climbing the curtain and window screen, a behaviour which has happened a few times before, but this time not justified by a gecko to be hunted on the wall above. Being triggered with growth / change / healing due to ascension energy activations, is applying to the consciousness of all species on Ter-Ra, so the feeling of 'climbing the walls' with body or emotional discomfort, is in some ways getting to be 'normal' in this time of high rate of change. Meanwhile, I'm actually comfortable with my state of being and ascension process. So, what's up?

'From our 8D perspective the divine plan of ascension, and the delivery of ascension energies and DNA codon activations via our 8D-4D portals, is all progressing normally as scheduled, however, there continue to be 4D energy triggerings by astro alignments of whatever aspects of the individual are still tuned to 4D- energetics. This can be received as the blessings of ascension, or if one is resisting the changes via attachment to lower frequencies, as traumatic triggering.'

i found triggering for deep clearing, release of all self definition, including even the concept of having a mission or purpose, for it is, that I have completed my mission, and release therefor having to interface with 4D reality and therefor issues. The day was experienced as productive in worldly chores, while consciousness was in between time-lines, having released the 4D Kapa'a time-line, with intent to awake tomorrow in full 5D reality, as the 8D celestial crystal faery i truly am. i am ready to live with ascended beings, in a state of being, rather than to facilitate those ascending, in a process of doing. Is there a retrospective regarding the mission of service? i sense i will still compassionately facilitate, but without a sense of purpose to do so.

"Your energies, skills, passion, and purpose of manifesting 5D New-Gaia are now of greater service to the divine plan and the good of all by building an exemplary new community on Kaua'i, than would be continuing to focus upon helping individals catch the 1st wave of ascension. As should be obvious, the effort to catch the first wave for those not already part of it is increasing, thus it is time to accept that others are more comfortably part of the 2nd or 3rd wave. In other words, the matter of timing, and of time-line divergence, have synergized your change of mission and focus to community building within 5D Kilauea. "

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