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31st July 2014

As more and more of we of the first wave of ascension awake to our truth, our divine essence, our incarnational purpose, and are choosing to live our authentic lives in the consciousness of 5D+ New-Gaia, there yet remains a common element during the process of ascension, (until we are living fully in ascended 5D+ New-Gaia, where there is oneness of consciousness, and honoring of appropriateness, where there is no (fictional) money or (fictional) ownership of (physical) land by individuals, and there are no (fictional) corpse-orations, where the fruit trees are for the benefit of all), while our bodies are still mostly 4D-, the question arises:
"How shall i pay my 'rent' or 'mortgage'?"
This is perhaps the most painful aspect of ascension, clearly seeing the destination and knowing how beautiful our 5D+ life is to be, 4D-.

'We are the creator god(desse)s who have incarnated specifically to manifest 5D+.' -- Tomril

"We are to join with others of our consciousness and build the alternative 5D+ New-Gaia reality, to build communities of our consciousness, based upon the values of 5D+ consciousness, where each individual is honored for their unique contribution to the collective, not by 4D- 'values'. This realm shall not be perverted to ownership or control by individuals, or by fictions such as corpse-orations, it shall be of, by, and for, only the living." -- crystalfaeries

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