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27th July 2014

"The grace of abundance is a natural flow of divine blessings expressing through the authentic self to support authentic appropriateness. Because source says 'yes' to all beleifs, beliefs and choices, any sense of lack, suffering, or pain, is misalignment from authentic self. Any 'effort' or 'trying' is a sign of misalignment. Ones authentic passion or true motivation, arises from the authentic self. In 5D New-Gaia, one simply is ones authentic self. In 4D Ter-Ra, one has abandoned authentic self and become entangled with some dualistic dichotomy. Ascending is balancing all dualities and then transcending them. From the place of authentic balance, ones true passion is a momentary imbalance of duality, to which one does not become attached. Attachment to duality disconnects one from authentic transcendence. 'Attachment' comes in both positive (pull) and negative (push) polarities, ones desires and aversions. All relationships within 4D duality are mirrorings of ones self. True intimacy (into-me-see) of authentic essence is transcendent. "

'The greatest "service" one can offer to another, is sharing ones highest authentic self openly.'

celeste, Mercury, the winged messenger of the 'gods', brings this message: "Know thyself, that thou may be authentic. Love thine authentic self, that thou may be blessed with a divine life."

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