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24th July 2014

With last night's gathering having practiced astral projection, and with my usual opening on the astral planes to have attendees of our gathering who arrive with only their astral bodies on, without physical forms, or even those who arrive only aetherically, my dreamspace was very active, and my awakening from lucid dreaming where so many connections were in progress, was very full of completions, to focus upon a specific here and now to get into my embodiment.

'Our experience of cocreation with Kaua'is ascension portal, is of expanding cooperation, as more and more groups of entities, join together with the shared purpose of, dwelling in harmony in 5D New-Gaia, and specifically our local prototype, our anchoring of that with Kaua'is time-space coordinates. We are also aware that in 4D Kaua'i there remain active conflicts between various groups, who are still caught in their individual agendae, still trying to change others.

i can only giggle at the silly [mankind] trying to change or control each other :-)
May they gracefully learn that what appears to be 'other' or 'out there' is only their own reflection.

[rings of alcyone]

"As the divine plan energies are sent from Alcyone to New-Gaia and Ter-Ra to trigger and faciliate the 1st wave of ascension, as more entities receive the gift of 5D reality, there is an accelleration, the product of synergy, as more move into the speed of no-time 5D, leaving behind the process and progression of 'change within time' of 4D. Many of us are therefore facilitating the settling-into 5D consciousness, helping others stabilize New-Gaia as their primary time-line family. Notice this was a shared experience of your gathering last night, each commenting upon their awareness of the rapidity of manifesting their intent."

Isn't divine magick fun? :-)
i am so very joyous this morning, still uplifted by last night's synergies, so enthused to facilitate the empowerment of others to live their authentic lives, free to be their highest and happiest selves.

Gentle flow fills my day. i had a wonderful swim in our pool. i was gifted the opportunity to stretch to the breaking point, the consciousness of some kanaka maoli boys around the pool, who felt compelled to interrogate me in the usual 4D way, with questions completely irrelevant to knowing any true aspect of who i am, and so were able to quickly move from judging me based on their projections upon my appearance, to judging me via their projections of their mental illusions they created in their own heads, in response to their questions of anything but the here and now. i can only giggle at the absurdity. 4D is such a waste of life force energy. Only the little girl who i estimate at under 5 years of age, who was in the swimming pool with me, was playing in the now with a smile on her face. One can only offer love and enjoy being authentic, and let others enjoy their illusions.

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