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23rd July 2014
The issue of deservingness, even the "right" to draw the breath of life, is being revisited, as is reflected in shallowness of, or hesitancy to, breathe. This is a consequence of two primary factors:

As we dwell in 5D pure authenticity, this issue does not exist, therefore must be cleared to anchor into ascended reality. We are abundantly provided for, with that which we beleive in. As with all, love is the answer... unconditional self love. Return to one's heart, and a life of authentic essence expressing itself. Now inspiration flows abundantly.

'As we hop time-lines to ascended reality, we cannot hop for others, or force them to hop with us. We desire our blessings to be available to and for all, but they already are, when they choose it for themselves. What we can do is model the possibility.'

"Fear is most often stored in the lungs, thus the move to 5D realms of love without fear, is triggering all fear to be released. Holding breath is a way of avoiding feeling, so surrender into feeling whatever emotion is present, that it may then be released permanently. Clear all belief in limitation, especially in the flow of love for ones authentic self. Release the entire 'deservingness game' as the lie it is, which exists only to override ones authentic appropriatenes. The all is best served by ones highest authentic self being in joy, not in being responsible for others as many have been programmed."

My guest commented this afternoon before the evening gathering, that she knew so many people who could benefit from attending, but who were unwilling to change. i have also been particularly aware of this, especially during the past month, once i declared that i was committed to staying in 5D reality, and that is all i was willing to share with others, that a number of relationships struggled trying to keep me engaged with their 4D, to which i was committed to give only 5D responses, resulting in many cases of confrontation, as i insisted upon speaking 5D truths about reality, mine, theirs, and our relating, refusing to validate 4D as real for me. The one thing i hold as most high sacred, is an individual's right of free will choice. Therefore, i also defend my own. Therefore, i refuse to be manipulated. Therefore, i require honesty in relating. So whenever another utters the magickal phrase: "I choose", (applying to their own reality, not anothers), i absolutely honor that. But as soon as they append a reason, or deny it as their choice, i can either remain silent, or if I'm going to speak, i must point out that they do have the power to change their choice about it. All manipulations are harmful, always, no exceptions. There just are very few willing to honestly state that: "I choose to be a manipulator in order to get others to meet my needs.", to which i could only reply: "Let me know how well that works out for you.". i suppose this could be called 'tough love'. It could also just be owned as, "My appropriateness, and my mission contract, require me to do what i can to uplift people, not do descend to join them... for it is more important to stay in 5D reality where i am able to help the willing, than to have connection for what ever 'reason' with those who insist upon staying in 4D reality, to which they are absolutely welcome!" This is merely the consequence of being committed to the 1st wave of ascension, whereas there are still many out their deciding which wave of ascension they will surf, and many are not willing to go it alone, without their 'friends', who are not ready for the 1st wave. Perfectly valid and wonderful choices, just not compatible with my 1st wave mission.

'Ah, what a wonderful gathering we had this evening, sharing our questions and wisdoms, experiences and intents, for our individual realities, and for our shared blessing of Kaua'i island. Consistently we found our sense of oneness, our sense of living in harmony with all of nature, our wonder and excitement interacting with faeries and magickal creation, the sense of appreciation for easy flow of appropriateness, as our higher selves orchestrate the right people connections, to provide us with the experiences or items we find appropriate. The joy of sharing 5D consciousness in mutual validation and support, flows with so much grace. We practiced energy tools and techniques for clarity and empowerment, to keep clearly and authentically appropriate for ourselves, and also a way to synergistically cocreate with others via shared intent. For our cocreation i chose to guide us to healing the plant realm of Kaua'i, working with the aetheric spiritual templates of health for various species, bringing DNA into alignment with divine plan and the highest good for all, including repairing genetic mutations. Loving all beings into alignment with the divine plan for the good of all, healing damage or injury no matter how inflicted, Kaua'i is ascending and blossoming in health. And so it is. For this purpose we invoke the highest of energies and blessings. From the 9D angelics, from all of us in 8D cooperating and cocreating via the ascension portal network, we bring the akashics information, the DNA templates, and the synergy of the divine plan of love, down to 4D as our faery blessing for Kaua'i.'

Observing our gathering, was yet another example of divine guidance and synchrony, so characteristic of 5D New-Gaia manifestation, as little miraculous connections brought together just the right people at just the right time, so much in the now, with very little 'warning', as all flowed in each now, as our higher selves found the graceful paths of manifestation.

"The convergence of Andromedan, ishnaan, Siriun, starseeds, so often easily feeling out of place in 4D Ter-Ra, shared our sense of returning to this land of Lemuria arising, as we restore the energetics of our Lemurian past lives to Kaua'i."

'With a reminder that Atlantis was a seeding of Yang, and Lemuria a seeding of Yin, upon Ter-Ra, and the Hawaiian isles being the mountain tops of the sunken continent of Lemuria, we have great appreciation of the goddess energies here in 5D, in balance with the god energies also, as New-Gaia transcends those dualities, validating all individual expressions of the divine.'

My individual consciousness most notices the sense of balance and harmony within 5D New-Gaia, versus imbalance and discord in 4D Ter-Ra. In 5D non duality, it truly is the case, that love is all there is, as per the preference of 5D ascended beings, and as offered by the divine plan.

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