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22nd July 2014

i awoke very slowly, a gentle transition through lucid dreaming, into the embodied realm, a sacred space filled with gentle vibrations, as i had intentionally gone to sleep the night before, looping Suzanne Teng's Light of the Heart. i was aware of much "discussion" with many beings, at the interface between 5D New-Gaia and 4D Ter-Ra. While i applaud the efforts of those doing their best within 4D duality to bring the planet in the direction of light choices, creating within duality always creates the dichotomous opposite also, the realm of mind creations being of duality. It is not enough to have positive intent, it is also necessary to look at the energy fueling that intent. When the choice is driven by aversion to negative contrasting reality, (e.g. to "stop" GMO), there is still, at least in the subconscious, a focus upon the negative, and therefore energy placed into it. The intent to "stop" something that is within 4D duality, always empowers the duality of that thing to continue to exist, in addition to creating its polar opposite, the alternative to that negativity, and so, the duality itself is expanded with more energy, the dichtomy itself is empowered. This is "good" as a lesson in becoming clear, what is preferred versus what is dispreferred, but no war against something can ever succeed in 4D. For example, GMO exists in 4D, but is well known to be unstable, because there is no 5D aetheric template to bring life to it. It is one of the "fallen" creations, created without the spark of life of the Divine Plan's Love. Thus we crystal faeries of Kaua'i say, that here, "GMO just won't grow". It shall either wither and die, or its genetics shall be transmuted back to the Divine Plan, i.e. we treat the GMO as a damaged organism, and "heal" it. There are two issues with GMO. One is the mutated / damaged DNA, which we are addressing as a need for healing energies to repair the DNA codes back to divine templates for the primary species that was artificially mutated. The other issue is the use of toxic petrochemicals to "fight" "unwanted" aspects of nature, e.g. "weeds" or "pests", for which the universal law "what you put out is what you get back" applies.

The only way to create something without its polar opposite, is to create it in 5D from the non-dualistic heart. And here, the motivation is not to fight something, not to bother to create something in reaction to its opposite, but from a wholistic space of unified consciousness, to surrender to the manifestation of love, which is inclusive, not dualistically exclusive. Those of us in the 1st wave of ascension, are in the process of mastering this.

'The divine plan for New-Gaia is based in a wholistic prioritization of the highest good of and for all, for the whole, therefore the concepts of "profit" or "money" or fictions (e.g. "Fiat Currency" or "corpse-oration"s) do not exist here, for in 5D New-Gaia there is only true life, containing the spirit of source, and fully in alignment to the Divine Plan of Love. In ascended New-Gaia there are no political problems to solve, for there is no politics. In this, then, we say, "the solution to all the political problems of 4D Ter-Ra, is ascension to 5D New-Gaia." This is already "real" for those of us who have chosen to be in the 1st wave of ascension.'

"We have great compassion for both the struggle to ascend from 4D to 5D, and the struggles within 4D duality, and for those trying to perfect 4D-. Readers of our blog have seen us advise celeste many times, to 'stop trying to perfect your old time-line'."

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