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21st July 2014

"People have in large part sorted themselves into either the group of first wave ascenders, versus non, so while some may yet rechoose, most of 1st wave ascenders are mastering staying in 5D consciousness full time, with occasional slips down to 4D as they complete their clearing of 4D- precepts. Therefore, skills of energy pattern clearing are still quite useful. We agree that providing the 8D higher self template to ones aetheric body is very efficient, thus facilitating others to learn to work with our 8D-4D portals is a priority. Get the word out about your ascension 'playshops'."

i so love the synchronistic flows of appropriateness, as the divine plan directs all of my life in service. Hitchkiking to get around creates a deeper connection than any smile or wave between drivers on the highway. Today on the way out i got to share a bit about my relationship with Faeries rather than listening to the weather man, and with my next ride sharing about the lunar calendar over the Gregorian calendar, and ultimately transcending time itself. On my journey back to my abode i was gifted with the opportunity to provide some healing and guidance. The Kaua'ian goddess who gifted me with a ride, started by telling me how she never, never, never picks-up hitchhikers, but felt compelled to turn around, go back, and pick me up. By the time she dropped me off, we both knew why. She was wearing a brace on her wrist, which was to help with carpal tunnel syndrome, which she stated the physicians wanted to perform surgery upon, but i was able to point out that it was not primarily physical stress, but an issue of self-judgment, trying to be perfect, but in doing so, not being true to herself. She agreed "I have not been living myself lately", and as her tears flowed i guided her to see that who she truly is, is already perfect, and all she needs to do is take a deep breath, and relax into being her true self, and even recommended the possibility of making a commitment to herself to be true to herself, and the use of mirror work, looking into the left eye's pupil to make a connection with soul, and affirm, "I love you exactly as you are". With her recognition of the truth of my message, i was able to summarize that her wrist would be healed within 48 hours. And so another goddess is emerging from her chrysalis to blossom and be who she truly is. i don't know anything happier than witnessing another goddess to activate in her truth. But the faery blessings go beyond that mere awakening, for her struggle to perfection was to be a "perfect mother", and i was able to guide her to cognize that the lesson her daughter most needs from her, is how to live authentically, which she can only teach by example, and that would be a "perfect mother", one who is authentic, and encourages her daughter to likewise be authentic. The signature of authenticity is that it takes no effort, no "try", and can come easily with merely a deep breath, and relaxing into being "self".

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