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20th July 2014

'The integration of self, by merging the conscious mind with the higher self, is the focus of our energy activations now. Those in alignment and flow are finding a comfortable awareness, while those attached to control or having things per their expectations, are now in struggle. And, those not tracking the first wave of ascension still have 4D reality.'

"The merge of Andromedan and Cetacean and Ishnann akashics information and the extension of the 8D Ascension Portals network to the Andromeda and Cetus star systems is a natural evolution of the adoption by mulitple 'races' and extending to more 'locations' within the Milky Way Galaxy, as the prototype of ascension being played out now as the 1st wave of ascension, is being adopted and joined by more and more beings at the 8D level and below."

Flowing gently in 5D realms, all is calm. Yet, i am aware of much activity in our 8D portal network, as more beings are participating in the evolution of New-Gaia.

'Many of us are supporting our Cetacean friends reweaving the ocean energy grids in duality.

Our ocean friends are reweaving Gaia energy grids around Kaua'i, where naval wargames have disrupted our subtle energies. So, it is my duty to once again mention that this [mankind] insanity is anti-life, but then everyone knows that, yet most support it via their citizenship.

This evening my guest introduced me to the Inner Child Tarot deck, which has wonderfully beautiful imagery with lots of butterflies and faeries. As a quick reading for myself i naturally selected "The Pied Piper", which suggests living the magick of our inner inspiration in the flow of the now, and just a subtle reminder to play my flute more often :-)
The blessings of a house of high priestesses is awesome positive synergy! Life is so much fun with everything flowing synchronistically.

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