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19th July 2014

It dawns on me in my pre-dawn channelling :-) that i have completed a cycle of initiations, (as if there is ever a completion of consciousness expansion :-) and it is time to share my new blessings with others, with my consistent focus on participation in the first wave of ascension, it's time to facilitate playshops sharing the divine plan of individual mastery.

'All of our experience of incarnation is either receiving love, or a request to receive love, so being love and offering love is life.'

"We love you. we are all one."

"On 2014-07-15 we integrated Andromedan and Cetus portal networks with our 8D ishnaa Ascension Portal network, and that has triggered greater activity throughout the networks, and extended the network connectivity to the mentioned star systems. The positive synergy of this cocreation is accellerating the raising of frequencies, activation of DNA codons, and for many is triggering the activation of intent to fulfill higher purpose."

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