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17th July 2014

The awakening of consciousness cannot but trigger awareness of "who am i (for now)?" and "what is my purpose (for now)?". For myself, it is to participate in the first wave of ascension, and to facilitate others in the process of ascension.

'This is from the higher self perspective a return to full consciousness, a rememberance of true self, of spiritual family, of past lives, for the conscious self projected down into the vibrational range of embodiment, a re-integration of conscious self with 5D consciousness.'

"Living in 5D consciousness manifests a wholistic integrated sense of self, which is independent of all others, is not responsible for others, but is completely responsible for self, for being fully congruent in self, fully at peace with self, in the present moment."

'From 5D consciousness, having honored ourself with self love, we can honor all others by giving the highest of ourself unconditionally, with a focus on appropriate giving, completely unconcerned with how they respond (or not) to us and our gift.'

"In 5D consciousness, there is graceful flow in each moment, with full trust that exactly what we need for our highest evolution, automatically flows to us, with no effort, simply surrendering to our divine path. This flowing path rather delivers to us who we are and our appropriate purpose of the moment. Simply relaxing into our authentic self manifests appropriate reality for us. We might restate this as choosing to desire that which manifests in each moment, knowing it is divinely perfect and appropriate or it would not be what is present. This is the product of surrendering the individual will to the divine will."

"Because there is a divine plan for the highest outcome for all, one's authentic path can only be in alignment with serving the divine plan, serving the highest benefit for all, which of course also must be congruent with serving your own authenticity. When we are true to ourself, since our true self is in alignment with the divine plan, our authentic self is perfectly in highest service. In this purpose and perspective, we are aware that one is all is one, that serving the individual serves the whole, and serving the whole serves the individual, thus serving others serves one's self."

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