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14th July 2014

"Since our mission is to work at the boundary between 4D and 5D realities, you will have to deal with a certain amount of 4D sillyness while in service. Just remember the correct focus to facilitate the leap between the realms, and not to get caught in any of the conflict of the lower realm, or between realms. Release your worry or concern, remember you are protected and walk in grace. Yes, you have become pleasantly accustomed to a very clean psychic space while you were hermited, yes things are heating up now, and yes you are now called to be more engaged with 4D to 5D interactions."

"The solar-lunar opposition clearly triggered a refresh of all percepts of relationship. Not only did each being need to update to present time in seeing who you have become, but you must release all past-based percepts of any responsiblity for others. Stay completely in the now with each being, whether or not there is any illusion of history with them, and quickly triage each relating in the moment."

i have definitely noticed lately that it is very depleting and sabotages my life in 5D+ to attempt to relate with those who are anchored in 4D- for the moment, and that my compassion based responsiblity for them cannot override their choice of 4D-, but that i have difficulty just walking away, though the necessity of doing so is unmistakeable now. How may i find an easier path of just walking away? Why do i still feel responsible for them? Obviously this is dysfunctional.

"You have confused your actual mission of facilitating the willing and committed, with the saviour role responsible for their actual outcome. Remember your training. Your actual responsiblity is to the highest of ethics in facilitation, but you may not accept any responsibility for their actual outcome. We are now triggering you to release these old patterns of inappropriate responsibility."

It is a pleasure to facilitate others awakening to authenticity, and is how [mankind] and our planet are healing now, one soul at a time.

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