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13th July 2014

After all the recent 4D turbulence, accentuated by last night's full moon, are there any lessons for those of us ascending, or for those contemplating choosing to ascend?

'The available "lessons" are not new; the opportunity to learn them is freshly triggered. Allowing all others to choose of free will, implies allowing them to choose that which is inappropriate for ourselves, and thereby to dwell in a parallel reality separate from that of our own dwelling. Thus, those insistent we all share one reality, are not respectful of free will choice, and therefore can only live in a single time-line reality of conflict. Fortunately, they are not in fact able to force that on anyone. It is agreed upon by those of 5D New-Gaia to allow difference without conflict, to respect the right of choice by all. The intent to force others to agree with ones own choices, is a characteristic of the 4D reality.'

"We are inspired to comment upon the concept of 'mutually exclusive', traditionally expressed in English as 'or' implying exclusive 'or', versus the other kind of 'or' which is inclusive. The separation of 4D and 5D reality time-lines is a way of honoring the mutually incompatible realities, of those who choose conflict versus those who choose harmony. The natures of 4D Old-Gaia versus 5D New-Gaia realities are mutually exclusive, which is why we have to choose which to make our chosen time-line, and is therefore why we have to share that chosen reality with others of the same choice. To merge realities with another entity who is of the other mutually exclusive reality, is to abandon your reality and join them in theirs. There is always free will, but we are all now choosing which of these mutually exclusive realities we prefer, and a number of sources indicate that switching to 5D New-Gaia is becoming increasingly difficult, and will be beyond the ability of most by the end of 2015, so if you desire to ascend, it's time to commit to that as your priority."

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