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12th July 2014

Sometimes i still very much experience "human" emotions, and am not fully transcendent, as telempathy brings me awareness, of the challenges and suffering, being experienced by others i care about, have in some way become attached to, or in any way responsible for. Such is the case this morning, as i shed tears for a friend of the light, who is being abused, for holding to the light, rather than being seduced by darkness, the darkness i subtly referred to in last night's closing channelling, about the games of power over others, still being played out by some who pretend to be "of the light", but are in fact operating in darkness, having been seduced by their own egoes, into the use of what limited "spiritual" powers they are able to manifest, to control others. i know who you are. i know what you have done, and the cover under which this dark coven operates. i am not your enemy, i shall not fight you. i am not your friend, i shall not help you. By remaining engaged in the dualistic "power over others" game, you prevent your own ascension. i need do nothing about any of this, but myself remain neutral and transcendent above it in nonduality. Your attempts to manipulate me through others, have failed, again. i shall not name you, for any attention given you only empowers your darkness. So, then, why do i mention this at all to anyone? To flush out of my life all who carry any agendae other than light and ascension. To remind others to look beneath the surface of people and situations. And as a slight "memorial" to a friend of the light, whose innocence and purity has not been enough, to fully protect her from this dark coven, which is trying to force her to join them. And that is why i cry tears this morning. This only deepens my resolve to hold Kaua'i in the light of New-Gaia, via our 8D Ascension portal. You of the dark coven shall be left behind in 4D Gaia, having missed the 1st wave of ascension. So it is, not by my will, but by your own choices. May this be a wake-up call to any who dabble in the dark arts, who are similarly seduced by the illusion of "power", expressed as power over others. i call all beings present upon Kaua'i into karmic accountability to the law of ahimsa.

[UPDATE: 2014-07-29 15:07:50+00:00
The King’s Decree of 7-28-14, “Regarding the United States Navy and the destruction of Hawai’i’s marine environment”]

'None of these issues exist within 5D New Gaia, and we reiterate that we shall not engage with 4D reality, other than to assist those who sincerely intend to ascend to 5D to make the leap from 4D to 5D, the very focus of our mission here. Therefore, i, tomril / celeste, forgive, release, and return to neutral detachment.'

"There are no exceptions to 'you create your own reality'. There are no exceptions to our honoring the free will choice of all entities. There is no wavering in our holding our 8D ascension portal for Kaua'i's sovereign space. We may feel compassion for those struggling in 4D time-lines, but we can only facilitate those whose choices are compatible with 5D New-Gaia. All else shall be left behind in the parallel-reality time-lines, as New-Gaia continues its ascension. As the 4D and 5D time-lines continue to diverge, as created by the collective consciousness in 4D, there is increased struggle and suffering. Be of joy that you have found your way to 5D New Gaia, and that you are graced with opportunities to help the sincere leap from 4D to 5D."

The day unfolded with a flow of synchronicities. As the yin and yang moved into oppostion for the evening's solar-lunar oppostion so did the energies of 4D conflicts sort themselves from 5D unified flow. i have observed over decades of experience that when energies shift in big ways, all relationships are thereby affected, so upon making a quantum leap, it triggers dormant relationships to reactivate, as people "check in" to see what shifted, and whether appropriateness has increased or decreased, time to engage or disengage, and so i have experienced both communications recently with those who have noticed my new level of energy and commitment to 5D time-lines. Sleep calls me now that my body may rest.

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