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12th July 2014

"There are no exceptions to 'you create your own reality'. There are no exceptions to our honoring the free will choice of all entities. There is no wavering in our holding our 8D ascension portal for Kaua'i's sovereign space. We may feel compassion for those struggling in 4D- time-lines, but we can only facilitate those whose choices are compatible with 5D+ New-Gaia. All else shall be left behind in the parallel-reality time-lines, as New-Gaia continues her ascension. As the 4D- and 5D+ time-lines continue to diverge, as created by the collective consciousness in 4D-, there is increased struggle and suffering. Be of joy that you have found your way to 5D+ New-Gaia, and that you are graced with opportunities to help the sincere leap from 4D- to 5D+."

The day unfolded with a flow of synchronicities. As the yin and yang moved into oppostion for the evening's solar-lunar oppostion, (full moon), so did the energies of 4D conflicts sort themselves from 5D+ unified flow. i have observed over decades of experience that when energies shift in big ways, all relationships are thereby affected, so upon making a quantum leap, it triggers dormant relationships to reactivate, as people "check in" to see what shifted, and whether appropriateness has increased or decreased, time to engage or disengage, and so i have experienced both communications recently with those who have noticed my new level of energy and commitment to 5D+ time-lines.

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