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11th July 2014

i am feeling a convergence of time-lines, a blessing creating greater synergy. This seems to me to be a Gaia reality, as two versions of New-Gaia have merged, thus synergizing and empowering the combined time-line. This is a quantum leap up for New-Gaia, and thereby another level of separation between, the Armageddon family of time-lines, and the New-Gaia family of time-lines. For those of us dwelling in New-Gaia, this is a wonderful blessing, irrelevant to those anchored into the 4D- reality, but presenting a further challenge to anyone who intends to leap from 4D- to 5D+.
It has been predicted that by 2015-09-27 the 'window of opportunity' to make that transition will have closed for all but the most exceptional beings, as time progression makes it ever more challenging to jump the widening gulf of frequencies.
In more local terms, if you want to catch the first wave of ascension, you better be paddling really fast right now or you're gonna miss it. For those of us already surfing the wave, it's a beautiful ride. Well, that's the view from inside the body, what's the perspective from 8D?

'Yes this is a wonderful alignment to the divine plan of the creator of this galaxy. It could be described as an angelic blessing of divine intervention to help with the ascension of New-Gaia, and at the same time that was possible due to the gentle alignment of will of all the beings dwelling in 5D+ New-Gaia. The positive synergy of will alignment is miraculous to 4D- percepts.'

"Partially this quantum leap is a direct result of the contributions of 'family' from outside our galaxy, who are participating in our ascension via the network of 8D portals. The development of New-Gaia as a prototype of ascension is a blessing for many outside our galaxy as well as being a creation within it. So, we offer a big 'mahalo' to our 9D angelic friends for coordinating this now."

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