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10th July 2014

After much 'processing' on the astral planes overnight, of what shall i or we be aware? I'm no longer feeling so uncomfortable in the body, yay!

'Ongoing energy activations of body to accomodate higher frequencies are a big part of ascension, and as you may surmise, trigger releasing of lower vibration patterns, therefore your clearing process involves your unique releasing, yet is characteristic of necessary release process experienced by all ascending. While the process involves clearing in all 'bodies' (physical, emotional, mental, aetheric), the lesson for all ascenders is to surrender to the process, and walk through the discomfort in order to attain the great blessings of ascension to 5D. For all that [mankind] seek "freedom" it is often something resisted when it arrives. There is absolutely no "security" in the lower levels when living infinite possibilities in each moment. We are glad you are comfortably flowing with living in each moment as undefined, and unlinked to any other moment. We see that it was a quantum leap to release all ego based control of, or knowing of, the "reality" you are living.'

"Consciousness is the essence of who we are and the basis of all which appears to 'manifest' as its mirror. As your consciousness is liberated to embrace infinite possibilities, so is your access to miraculous synergistic synchronistic appropriate manifestation of your intent enabled. Knowing deeply that your flow of life is completely supported is key to joyous living. Joyous playful creation and cocreation is the essence of living in 5D New-Gaia Time-Lines."

Triggered by recent comments and experiences of others dealing with challenging internal changes, i scan and notice that yes there is a fair amount of turbulence in 4D, therefore any aspect of us still in that frequency range is getting triggered, whereas all seems to still be quite calm and flowey in 5D, particularly in our 8D ascension portals. Meanwhile, i am noticing my body to be a bit tired, so shall retire early and get up early to channel.

My day concluded with the blessings of a visit from an angelic spirit, a high priestess i have cocreated with for years, and who initiated me in quantum leaps which have allowed my present reality. Mahalo nui loa, dear angel. -- celeste

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