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8th July 2014

i continue to find the very deepest of peace and calm, not just within myself as has always been available via meditation, but within the realms of 5D New-Gaia, within our 8D ascension portals, and with all the entities who share these realms. The fundamental respect and honoring of all relating here, is so gracefully flowing and harmonious, that i so very much do not miss 4D relating of competition and conflict. i notice in particular a pervading sense of appropriateness, contrasting with the 4D disharmonious wills. i have long known of the two primary (4D) worldly models of 'reality', which some entities have claimed were constructed to facilitate or manage 'growth'. One is the hierarchal model of submission to external authority, the other is conflict and chaos of competition. i find a wonderous freedom from both of those realities, abiding in 5D. Perhaps the greatest blessing is the complete freedom from effort. Notably (and joyously) absent is any sense of effort or necessity to do. That which is appropriate flows automagickally, and so gently. Although there is a knowing of participating in choice which does affect manifestation, there is not a direct sense of 'I did it', nothing to 'take credit for', and in this there is no competition with others, and no valuing of anything, other than its appropriateness, which flows automagickally as reflection of essence. As i search for words, i find another approach is to say that this is living in dominion. Even such a word has a completely different meaning within transcendent nonduality than in dualistic realms.

'You are aware that the realness of your 5D experience, the stability of abiding in the New-Gaia time-lines, is a direct result of your level of willingness to fully release 4D. Knowing the mutually exclusive nature of these realities was foundational to your willingness to be done with 4D realms. In compassionate facilitation of others making this transition, you are already aware that most are bound to 4D, based on their emotional ties to other beings bound to 4D, resulting in the delaying of, or even sacrifice of, ascension itself, for the group to remain together. While it is obvious to you, for many experiencing such attachment, their own perception is often that they are experiencing or demonstrating "love", when clearly the actual motivation is attachment based in fear. Those unwilling to face and feel their fear remain controlled by it, compelled to behave in avoidance of the feeling of fear, and this completely precludes any possibility of being in the 5D ascended realms. This may be summarized as trusting and having faith in ones own spirit, rather than in other incarnate beings as the "source" of solutions. Yes, others may facilitate, but essential is self responsiblity as reality creator.'

"tomril's explanation is perhaps that which many may be open to 'hear', but as you know our perspective is transcendent beyond all those things which are of 4D, or of the 'process' of transition between 4D and 5D. Let us emphasize that there is no effort or process to transition, to jump between time-lines, to make quantum leaps between parallel realities. So, we again bring attention to everything being frequency, and the necessity of raising one's frequency to joy, by focussing upon the positive, even if, especially when, it has not yet manifest as you prefer. 'Reality' is only a mirroring of one's inner frequencies. A healer may temporarily via quantum entanglement uplift the individual, but only the individual can be there 24/7/365 to hold the vibration of joy, and that is only likely sustainable as a result of a choice to be joyous."

The most precious gift any of us can give to another being, is the experience of our being fully present in complete authenticity. i have been experiencing wonderful appreciation of exactly that in exchange with my delightful guest. i feel very blessed.

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