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7th July 2014

What must i clear to progress with playing my flute?

'Resistance to structured or left-brained learning, and in general all guilt structures about play vs. work.'

"Release all fear of not being supported in your play and passion. You are certainly willing to facilitate others powerfully at your level of expertise and to their level of willingness, so any time you are not 'working your mission' is not from any 'slacking' on your part, thus release all 'productivity' programming."

i had an interesting experience today of flowing all day, facilitating others, and then at one point, one i was assisting queried about today's energies being 'different', and i hadn't noticed such, as i was operating in my 5D bubble throughout, but upon query, focussed on the 4D world, and noticed that there had been astrological triggering (time effects in 4D), and general mood shift on emotional level around the planet, resulting in a bit of depression for many, so having read the lower energies, the querant confirmed that is what they had been experiencing. In facilitating another being with ascension issues, i noticed their being between time-lines, stuck between, and that the 4D and 5D time-lines had quantum-leaped apart, thus it is getting progressively more difficult to leap between the 4D and 5D families of time-lines, just as has been predicted would happen, and it's getting very very real, the separation of the worlds, so I'd say that practically speaking, this is close to last call for ascension. The Hathors predict difficulty time-line hopping as of 2015.

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