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5th July 2014

Everything feels very calm inside, and the world this morning is quiet, after yesterday's chaotic energies.

'We continue in grace the unfolding of the blossoming of our New-Gaia Time-Line.'

"Notice there is actually much activity of connecting and cocreating amongst the New-Gaia 5D beings travelling via our 8D portal network, however, as all is flowing in appropriateness, the gentleness and grace of all that flow, the peacefulness of our relationships, is quite in contrast to the 4D versions so characterized by much "negotiation" of conflicting wills. Our alignment with the divine plan and foundation in unity, makes for spontaneous cocreations of wonderful ease and synergy. To answer your unvoiced question, this is why you have been sleeping extra lately, as you explore cocreations with so many beings. This is a natural consequence of your recent realization that you no longer need to focus on mothering the portal network, and can just relax and play via the network. Enjoy."

i am aware to ask how fares our ozzie girl?

"She is still flying "under the radar", yet on an individual level coming out of her shell to play high-priestess. Her blossoming is perhaps slow yet progressing to her comfort. Your heart may rest that while still entangled in 4D she will make it to 5D. Her 8D portal is, of course, of great assistance and protection for her. And we see your care broadening the question, and so we say next that you may release all concerns over those who were your students before, and for whom you gifted 8D portals, they are all "unstuck" to whatever level they choose, and you may release all responsibility for them."

"Release the motivation of seeking to know more, to know of "progress" in the (illusion of) process in jumping realities / time-lines of "ascension". Note that within our 8D portals reality is quite stable, as our portal network is fully integrated in 5D New-Gaia, so most of the "change" or "process" is happening outside our portals. Given that we caretake the Kaua'i'an 8D portal, Kaua'i is relatively stable, certainly at 5D level, whereas the consistent energies thereof continue to trigger those still engaged in 4D (e.g. politics), primarily to be aware via contrast between that which they dislike vs. prefer, but many are still attempting to "change" 4D, rather than cognizing the larger lesson to move beyond it to 5D. This then is a message you are to speak where you see others stuck in 4D."

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