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3rd July 2014

Sweet is the gentleness of early morning, before the cocks start crowing. Sanctuary is the word i am feeling to express the gentle repose i experience for my guest and myself.

'We are glad you enjoy these blessings. We intend to spark some cocreations between you.'

"We concur, suggesting the mirroring to be beneficial to both."

Gentle rains bless our garden isle, so verdent, so alive. i know the planetary cycles continue to trigger the dualistic world, yet wonder any activity of note in New-Gaia, or Kaua'i's 8D ascension portal, or our growing network of portals? Are my friend's assertions about our portals and network accurate?

"There is nothing untrue in his claims of safety and appropriateness in the greater sharing of portals more widely now. Your caution is based in old time-lines, your sense of your own responsibility for them, all based in your ethical hygienics, and at this point is unnecessary, for the 8D portal network we have initiated has been adopted by 8D+ angelics and was always in alignment with and sparked from the divine plan. Within the time-lines of Gaia realities our portals are no big deal, for it was in the interaction between Old-Gaia and New-Gaia that the delicate introduction of portals benefitted from your cautious guidance, whereas in the intervening time the turbulence between Old-Gaia and New-Gaia has lessened as their time-lines continue to diverge into stable separation. We might summarize that the chaos of the time-node in which you launched them has largely passed. Congratulations on a job well done, now relax and play, dear high priestess."

Other than flow of the moment, what do i need to know to best facilitate my guest?

Just enjoy her blossoming as you would a rose, and share what play you may. Mostly you shall both benefit from mirroring your high priestess roles for Gaia.

i am appreciative of this faery blessing :-)

i am struggling with being forced off of the internet and off of the roads by the corrupt beast system, which everyone, including nearly all those who call themselves friends, and all those I'm here to facilitate, except one living being i now know on Kaua'i, are supporting by their voluntary citizenship. Am i to just allow my domains to expire and stay off the internet?

"Just keep speaking the truth to everyone you meet, whether or not they like that truth, you must speak it, and without waiting for the invitation to do so. Persist in alternatives which do not require changing corpse-orations or governments."

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