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28th June 2014

In gentle grace, dawn comes on another rotation of Gaia. i continue settling into my abode, with incremental refinement. Last night i completed re-importing my audio CD library, this time in high quality .flac format, thus i begin anew, the discernment process of deleting individual tracks, keeping only the ones i really feel appropriate. My sensitivities to higher vibration versus lower, result in many many discards. i also continue to find very few songs with lyrics are affirmative of positive higher realities. As each day passes, while i may be in the world, i am so much less of the 4D world. Yes i can very much enjoy a 'get up and move your body' tune, but mostly much prefer delicate senstive tunes.

'Anchoring into any given time-line is all about holding frequencies, or conversely, not holding incompatible frequencies. Everything is frequency.'

"By now you have noticed that you are , though you walk in your own 8D-4D portal around that, as we are yet early in the ascension of Kaua'i, which shall for some time remain a place of higher reality to which people soujourn for a taste of higher reality, while not necessarily being ready to live it full time, just as many 'locals' still dwell in 4D reality."

"Let there be grace inside you in your process of creation, matching the grace flowing from above. Stress less, feel less urgent."

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