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27th June 2014

Now, the study of time, astrology, is the study of the very machine of limitation of [mankind] consciousness which is the solar system, which due to the changing energy fields continually and cyclically triggers us in patterns, therefore giving us the Matrix illusion of change, while yet trapping us 'perpetually' going around in circles. One has to minimally transcend that to enter a helical path so that each cycle around the patterns of the timings of the planets, uplifts us a cycle in the helix, not around in a circle.

'It is indeed extremely rare that another sees a [mankind] as whole and complete, rather than boxing one into their own mental categories, a problem which will not be solved in 4D realms, so yes, stay in 5D and live beyond all such limitations. Even more so it is important in self perception to escape all boxes.' -- Tomril

"When one releases the natal pattern time lock, one can time-travel with the physical body, as is already done travelling in the astral and higher realms. Since 5D is beyond time, the percepts here are useful." -- crystalfaeries

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