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20th June 2014

Good morning, what's on the agenda today?

'Grace to manage many little details.'

"Release all and focus on play."

Recommendations on the weekends events i have been invited to? Is that other people's agenda or am i to attend?

'Neither is there any need to attend nor avoid.'

"The most play shall be from 16:00 local time. We recommend you release all percepts of any other purpose."

Ahhh, the magickal combination of clear intent, no expectations, and allowance of flow produced a most conducive and fun evening, completely different than any preconceptions I'd had based on following triggers (other people's invitations), and yet it all felt completely appropriate, and led to an opportunity to facilitate growth and healing for a visitor to our Healing Island from the Gathering Place. Thank you divine self and family for facilitating such grace. i celebrated with a new friend, the deliciousness of Hamachi and Ahi sashimi, and some Tropical Dreams icecream, as i know that I'm soon to be fasting, and then i will be primarily vegetarian, with live foods, organic, and non-GMO, raw, and some juiced. My vibration is simply too high to dally with other 'foods'.

"So you see how being out in the world shifts the odds of alignment. Likewise tomorrow morning is a good time to be out and about to connect."

As i continue to explore the timeless now of my passion for consciousness expansion, i continue to yearn so very deeply to have again my faery wings, and to fly through the many dimensions and densities of mutable manifestation, beyond the limited realms of [mankind] in 4D for i so love being a faery girl.

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