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19th June 2014

Some moments are just too precious! This morning i was placing some food into one of Misty cat's food bowls, squeezing the last of the wet sauce out of a little package into the bowl, and she got impatient with the process, reached out a paw and dragged the food bowl under her head and burried her head in the bowl to begin eating, and all i could do was giggle. OK, it's not about ascension, but there it is :-)

"Occasionally, we urge expedience :-0 "

"I am so blessed to be given opportunities to facilitate and mentor goddesses, and especially so here on Kaua'i, a goddess island. i am so blessed to mentor the awakening and empowerment of those who are awakening their 3rd Eyes, especially here on the 3rd Eye island Kaua'i."

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